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As you know, bicycling has become a renewed healthy living lifestyle amongst all

generations.  Rot'n Peach Riderz Bike Club, cycle on Atlanta's beltline and different

trails throughout the metropolitan region while showcasing customized bicycles for

recreational enjoyment and the pleasures of cycling. Unique in our approach, members

ride and rebuild both novelty and recycled bikes with customized parts and

specifications. Through creativity and freedom of expression, which ultimately promotes

healthy living, we promote opportunities to have a fun-spirited zeal and enthusiasm for

customs cycling. As a group, we also fellowship and attend local and national biking

events with different biking organizations. 

Rot’n Peach Riderz, LLC. promotes healthy living and youth enrichment through

novelty bicycle creatives and mechanics. We offer everyone opportunities of exercise,

art and excitement to embrace and experience expressive cycling and engineering.

 Founded in Atlanta, GA our growing membership is nationwide, and we look forward to

hosting our 1st Annual National Bike Show and Competition, “THE INTRO”, May 2021.

Through sponsorship and donations, we plan to dedicate resources for well-being,

teaching, tools and bikes. As we foster a new burgeoning culture of customization

cycling, we plan to change the fundamentally challenged behaviors and past times of

our youth and community.

--Craig Sharif, President